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FAQ & Terms of Usage

These are my rules. They are simple. Please follow them.

1. Comment if you take something. Please.
I like knowing my stuff is going to good homes! :) It just takes a second.

If you need a host, please consider photobucketImage ShackVulo Media or LJ Scrapbook

3. Credit is a must. Either to blumchenlayouts or blumchen is fine.
This helps others find more of my work, and it's ALL I ask for in return.

4. I don't do requests. So don't ask.
Sorry, I just really don't have the time. A whole layout can take up to several days! I've also worked on something only to have it discarded right away, which makes me feel used and unappareciated. If I had the time and felt like it would be appreciated, I would totally take requests. But I can't.

5. Do not ask for help on my personal journal.
If you need help, comment in the entry with the layout you need help with, or a relevant post in THIS community and I will do my best to assist you. Anywhere else and your comment will be ignored. It is quite rude to pester people in their journals or anywhere else just because you have a small problem, so don't ever come to my journal about anything to do with this community unless you're reporting theft..

6. Don't remove my watermarks!
Because that's just really, really rude and ungrateful! They're there, not as a copyright link, but to help others find my work. They need to stay.

7. Regarding Layout Modding (also known as edits)
This is my policy on layout modding. I will allow it if you ask me about it, if full credit is given in your userinfo & sidebar (if present) for my original coding. The layout must only be used by you. Do not use it to make layouts for your friends or your communities, do not make a design and redistribute the codes as your own, and do not ever claim that the work was all yours. I can sometimes spend hours with the codes, that's my hard work, and I'm being pretty lenient about this. I just want a link back to acknowledge my hard work. If you are caught disobeying, I will report you to layout_theft. Read my blacklist to see what happens with people I catch.

8. Do not ask for membership in my personal journal:.  
Membership is open! Please follow my rules and all will be well.

9. Please please PLEASE do NOT use the contact form on my WORK site for ANYTHING other than commissions!.
This form is something I pay for and costs money. Using the form to whine, ask for help, or anything else non-work related will make me rather angry and I will ban you immediately. So DON'T DO IT. Whatever your problem is, my website is NOT the place to be griping. I have places for you to contact me where I can help you, and that isn't one of them!

Q. Why did you start this community?
A couple reasons; one) I make a lot of layouts and prefer they went to good use instead of sat around collecting dust on my hard drive and two) I need the practice, so I can expand, to try new things, and to grow as an artist.

Q. Why aren't you using any of your layouts on YOUR journal?
This question is a bit complicated. Basically, although I love the look of exstravagant layouts, I pretty reading something simple looking. I find it a lot easier to read that way. I don't like reading my friends page with a big header in the way. So far I have yet to come up with anything I can tolerate reading my friends page from, so for now I'm using something s2 by another user.. It's not like my paid account is dying anytime soon, so maybe one day I will actually come up with something decent for myself. I generally prefer using s2 to s1 for myself, and at this time, I have little to know experience with s2.

Q. Why is your community so tightly run?
Because thieves piss me off. And stalkers. I hate stalkers.

Q. Why are you so protective of your shit when all overrides are usually based on ones from everything_lj?
That's like saying I shouldn't be protective of my graphics because I made something nice out of a pre-existing image, or that I shouldn't protect anything else I create because I don't own photoshop, notepad, or any other program I use for my work. Yes, some of my overrides are based on ones that Everything LJ provided, but they've been recoded so many times over the last few years that they hold their own style now. I work really hard on my layouts, my icons, and my art, and sometimes these layouts can take a few days to be finished, hence why I get so defensive. So I'd appreciate you not taking them without even creditting me. I don't ask for much, it's not hard!

Q. Do you do other stuff besides layouts?
I also make icons, which you can find at iconeus (a shared journal) and I do a lot of art as well. I have many talents, But mostly it's drawing, graphic design, and web design that I do best.

Q. Where do you get the pictures for your graphics?
A lot of places, I don't have much that's scan worthy *poor* but I try to cite my sources whenever I can. I normally find things randomly on fluke, or through google, and occasionally I'll find something cute sitting on my hard drive that I'll decide to use. If I can credit the webpage, it will appear in my resources entry. If there's no information, it means I have no idea where it came from and probably got it off like moeboard or 4chan, sorry.

Q. Will you change the picture for me? Same layout, just remake the header?
NO. If you don't like it, don't use it. Sorry, I just really don't have the time.... it may not seem that hard to just change an image, but it would take too long. And times that by every single person whose going to start asking if I say yes. I'm sorry. I just don't have that kind of time or patience.

Q. Will you make me a custom layout?
Please read this or go to Blu Style for more information. post.

Q. Can anyone use these layouts?
Of course. Anyone who follows the rules can use my layouts. You do not need a paid account, or knowledge in overrides or html (though it helps). All account types will be able to install the overrides correctly.

Q. Can you change this layout so that it has my name/a sidebar/different colours.
No. Again, this takes a long time and I don't have that much time, plus, if people start asking, suddenly I'll spend an entire day fixing it up for various people just because the original wasn't to their tastes.

Q. How did you make this!! O________o;
Please see my resource post

Most of how I code can be found at the previously mentioned communities. As for graphics, see ps7_tutorials. I do not do private layout help. I will offer my advice and opinions, as a second head to help you see your layout objectively. Do not ask for this help in my personal journal, ask for it here.

Q. I can use these outside of Livejournal, right? (DJ/GJ/UJ/PJ/LLCoolJ)
Sure, whatever. Just make sure the link follows back to me on LJ. I have accounts at all the other copycat sites, but I only use this one. On MOST sites, I have the same username, but there's several I do not, so just link to my LJ account.

Q. Will you affiliate with my layout community?
Certainly. Just comment here with your community, and link back to me first. When I see that, I will link you back.

Q. .........can I use your layouts as templates for me own?
Ask me about this. It is rude to take something that isn't yours without asking, and I'd hope with people joining my community, they join because they want to see my designs, not because they want to find codes to steal. I may allow it for your personal use only, but I need to know AND I need to be creditted the same as I would be if the layout hadn't been altered at all. The codes are mine, end of discussion.

Q. Well, can I use your layouts as templates for my own and destribute them at my own layout community?
Absolutely NOT. NO NO NO NO NO. If I catch you doing this, I will ban you from my community to keep you from stealing more of my work. I don't care who you are, or how many times you ask, I will never allow people to take credit for something I've created. Most of the coding is MY OWN WORK, so learn your coding for yourself and only destribute layouts that you made 100% on your own. Destributing layouts you did not make and taking credit to them is called stealing, and anyone caught will be reported to layout_theft/stolenlayouts.

Q. Your watermark thing is ugly, can I remove it? I'll put a link in my userinfo/sidebar/public entry.
Hell NO. I'll cut you, bitch. This is my second biggest rule. My only payment for letting people use my layouts is with a link back to my site. I try to keep the watermarks small and out of the way, yet visible. If you have a problem with creditting me the way I ask to be credited, I'd suggest you just not use my work altogether less you want to feel the mighty wrath that is Blu. You would not like that, trust me.

Q. How long do these layouts take?
anywhere between 6 hours to a few days. I sometimes feel lazy and don't spend long on something, or have a moment of genius and inspiration and zip through the whole process, but normally it takes me a very long time. 50% of that time is on the header, and the other 50% is the coding and tweaking of said coding. Because I spend so much time on them, this is why I am so against others using my codes for their own without permission.

Q. It doesn't work ;_; your coding has flaws because it won't work
Please review this entry  for troubleshooting.

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