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A while ago, I bought the comm a paid account so that I could make a custom style for it, since a lot of what I wanted to do wasn't possible in any overrides that I know. Right now I have a "Newest Layout" section as well as thumbnails to every layout that's ever been posted here. In order to keep this up to date, I need to keep paying for the community, which I can do sometimes, but not often. These sections on the site are VERY useful for keeping things organized and helping people find what they're looking for instead of sifting through the posts or memories. So I'm opening an incentives plan.

Anyone who donates 2 months to the community gets a custom header image from me
(these can be used for boxer layouts, default generator layouts, ect)

Anyone who donates 6 months gets a full override layout of their choice.
That's a header, a background image, dividers, the option to have a sidebar, a matching icon, and a friends only banner.

There is no incentive to anyone who decides to donate a full year because I really don't expect anyone to do it. If they do, I'll think of something then. It'll probably be the same as the 6 month offer, but as a paid style instead, and I'll make a few extra icons. Animated ones.

If you ever wanted a custom layout from me, this is a lot cheaper than my normal commission rate, and benefits both the community and livejournal as a whole, so if you've got some extra change, throw it here.

Thank you,

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