Felix (blumchen) wrote in bluslayoutsmem,

Images not working?

I've been noticing recently that images hosted on ImageShack.us have been disabled from hotlinking to Livejournal. Oddly, it seems to only be disabled for larger images. All my backgrounds are still fine, but the headers seem to be broken. The problem is off and on, so if you're NOT having this problem, save the headers while you can and upload them to photobucket or your own server if you have one.

If you're having this problem, let me know (a comment here is fine) and I will email you with the images you need. Hell, I'll probably start hosting my layouts in little zip files or something, since I don't want people hotlinking images from my domains, either.

ETA: all images hosted on members.shaw.ca/blumchen_icons are now AWOL. I still have them backed up...somewhere... so if you've been trying to use one of my layouts but haven't set it up because you can't get the images, this is why. They will be re uploaded when I can find them. Images hosted on ImageShack that were deleted will also be re uploaded... again, when I can find them.
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