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As of today, this is the only place I'll accept questions about design or graphical help. I will not answer any emails or comments to my personal journal, so if you need the help or advice, please ask here. And ONLY here. This is so that all the questions are in one place, and so that you can see if your question has already been answered!

If I do not respond right away, do NOT pester me elsewhere or you will be banned. And then obviously I won't help you at all! So be patient. I have a life and can't always respond quickly.

If you need help regarding one of my livejournal designs, please read this.
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Images not working?

I've been noticing recently that images hosted on ImageShack.us have been disabled from hotlinking to Livejournal. Oddly, it seems to only be disabled for larger images. All my backgrounds are still fine, but the headers seem to be broken. The problem is off and on, so if you're NOT having this problem, save the headers while you can and upload them to photobucket or your own server if you have one.

If you're having this problem, let me know (a comment here is fine) and I will email you with the images you need. Hell, I'll probably start hosting my layouts in little zip files or something, since I don't want people hotlinking images from my domains, either.

ETA: all images hosted on members.shaw.ca/blumchen_icons are now AWOL. I still have them backed up...somewhere... so if you've been trying to use one of my layouts but haven't set it up because you can't get the images, this is why. They will be re uploaded when I can find them. Images hosted on ImageShack that were deleted will also be re uploaded... again, when I can find them.
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A while ago, I bought the comm a paid account so that I could make a custom style for it, since a lot of what I wanted to do wasn't possible in any overrides that I know. Right now I have a "Newest Layout" section as well as thumbnails to every layout that's ever been posted here. In order to keep this up to date, I need to keep paying for the community, which I can do sometimes, but not often. These sections on the site are VERY useful for keeping things organized and helping people find what they're looking for instead of sifting through the posts or memories. So I'm opening an incentives plan.

Anyone who donates 2 months to the community gets a custom header image from me
(these can be used for boxer layouts, default generator layouts, ect)

Anyone who donates 6 months gets a full override layout of their choice.
That's a header, a background image, dividers, the option to have a sidebar, a matching icon, and a friends only banner.

There is no incentive to anyone who decides to donate a full year because I really don't expect anyone to do it. If they do, I'll think of something then. It'll probably be the same as the 6 month offer, but as a paid style instead, and I'll make a few extra icons. Animated ones.

If you ever wanted a custom layout from me, this is a lot cheaper than my normal commission rate, and benefits both the community and livejournal as a whole, so if you've got some extra change, throw it here.

Thank you,

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Samples Archive

These are the designs currently offered at my community.

SamplesCollapse )

For a complete archive of my works, including livejournal designs for my friends and for myself, as well as designs that were not made for livejournal but for websites, please visit my website, BluStyle (They're all under "samples")

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FAQ & Terms of Usage

These are my rules. They are simple. Please follow them.

1. Comment if you take something. Please.
I like knowing my stuff is going to good homes! :) It just takes a second.

If you need a host, please consider photobucketImage ShackVulo Media or LJ Scrapbook

3. Credit is a must. Either to blumchenlayouts or blumchen is fine.
This helps others find more of my work, and it's ALL I ask for in return.

4. I don't do requests. So don't ask.
Sorry, I just really don't have the time. A whole layout can take up to several days! I've also worked on something only to have it discarded right away, which makes me feel used and unappareciated. If I had the time and felt like it would be appreciated, I would totally take requests. But I can't.

5. Do not ask for help on my personal journal.
If you need help, comment in the entry with the layout you need help with, or a relevant post in THIS community and I will do my best to assist you. Anywhere else and your comment will be ignored. It is quite rude to pester people in their journals or anywhere else just because you have a small problem, so don't ever come to my journal about anything to do with this community unless you're reporting theft..

6. Don't remove my watermarks!
Because that's just really, really rude and ungrateful! They're there, not as a copyright link, but to help others find my work. They need to stay.

7. Regarding Layout Modding (also known as edits)
This is my policy on layout modding. I will allow it if you ask me about it, if full credit is given in your userinfo & sidebar (if present) for my original coding. The layout must only be used by you. Do not use it to make layouts for your friends or your communities, do not make a design and redistribute the codes as your own, and do not ever claim that the work was all yours. I can sometimes spend hours with the codes, that's my hard work, and I'm being pretty lenient about this. I just want a link back to acknowledge my hard work. If you are caught disobeying, I will report you to layout_theft. Read my blacklist to see what happens with people I catch.

8. Do not ask for membership in my personal journal:.  
Membership is open! Please follow my rules and all will be well.

9. Please please PLEASE do NOT use the contact form on my WORK site for ANYTHING other than commissions!.
This form is something I pay for and costs money. Using the form to whine, ask for help, or anything else non-work related will make me rather angry and I will ban you immediately. So DON'T DO IT. Whatever your problem is, my website is NOT the place to be griping. I have places for you to contact me where I can help you, and that isn't one of them!

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Black List

Anyone caught stealing from me will be reported to layout_theft and posted on my Black List. This is not debatable, if you are caught ripping me off, I will permanently ban you from my community.

The following people were caught directly stealing from me and have been permanently blacklisted and banned forever.
got_r1c3 (with various accounts)
revanche (previously rock5tar)

List of Banned UsersCollapse )
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Layout Requests

At the moment, I do not take layout requests. Too many times have I spent weeks making a layout JUST RIGHT, only to have it scrapped by the person I made it for in a couple of days. I don't have that much free time, and having people always ask me this tends to make me feel used. I think I'm generous enough letting strangers use my work, so please don't ask much more of me. I can't handle it.

I do not normally help people with their layouts, and I will not fix your broken layout for you or clean out your code. And under no circumstances will I ever help you copy somebody elses layout. If you are in need of layout help, please go here.

However, I am available for commission work, so if you want me to make something for you (LJ or otherwise) please email me. I can do several diffent styles of design, icons, banners, buttons, forms, css, animations, ect...

My portfolio can be viewed at http://www.blustyle.net
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Broken Layouts?

If you find that one of my layouts does not work for you, please read this.

The most common issues are:
#1. No website listed. You MUST have one.
#2. Not using the specified style (ie; generator)
#3. Removed key coding.
#4. Didn't change links (replace 'YOURUSERNAMEHERE' with your id)

If your header image is not loading, it is because you MUST HAVE A WEBSITE LISTED IN YOUR USERINFO. The overrides base themselves upon that variable, so if you do not have it, they WILL NOT work! Please, pay closer attention. Every layout I post has it clearly written whether or not you need a website, custom colours, a default icon, ect. If you do not know how to list a website in your userinfo, this should help:

You do not need a real website to list on in your userinfo. You could type "fgdghdhgfh" and "fdsdhfgjhfgh", link to a yahoo profile, an ff.net, profile, lj.com, your LJ page, ANYTHING. It doesn't matter as long as THOSE TO FIELDS HAVE SOMETHING IN THEM. Got it? Good!

Make sure you have the website listed, the appropiate style set, you have not altered my coding more than need be, and that you changed everything that sais "YOURUSERNAMEHERE" to your livejournal id. There should be no reason why it won't work ;)

However, if it STILL doesn't work, this might be why. If this is the case, please report it to me.

If you're noticing that some of my layouts have oddly set up comment links, I can help you with that.

If you're seeing something like this:


Please stick this peice of code into your overrides:

LASTN_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

DAY_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

This flaw is caused by LJ's updated code sweeper. Before, if you didn't define a READLINK, Livejournal would just use whatever you had defined in your TALKLINKS for reference. Now it reverts back to default settings, so if you're having this problem, check and make sure the page you're viewing has a READLINK defined.

A couple of further notes:

1) My layouts do NOT work with plus accounts. If you want to use one of my layouts, you will need to switch back to basic or buy a paid account, because the ads misalign my layouts and things start looking pretty crazy.

2) A lot of my older layouts (In fact, almost all of them!) do NOT work with that silly nav bar on. I can make a layout work with one, but this sort of has it's own catch 22. If I code a layout to work with the nav bar, it means that you'll have to change your journal settings to display "always show my nav bar to other users." - It's either one or the other! So I'm just going to continue coding without compensating for it.
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Resource Post

I learned what I know from various communities with amazing tutorials and staff that donate their time to help others;

+ everything_lj (personal favourites)
+ overridehelp
+ howto
+ awesome_help
+ ps7_tutorials
+ cap_it

Credit for Images I've used in my layouts;

+ spacecoyote; [Artwork] for the Saturnalia Layouts
+ iPodLounge.com; [Artwork] for the Art of Noise Layout.
+ Church of Lemons; [Artwork] for the IY Doujinshi Sakurakan Layouts.
+ Anime Project Alliance Gallery; [Scans] For the Feudal Revolution Layout.
+ Cappiness: [Screencaps] For the Spuffy Layout
+ SXC.HU; [Photography] for the Love Layout.

if I have left out a credit you are aware of, please let me know

Credit for Brushes & Fonts;

+ milk
+ 100x100_brushes
+ Angelic-Trust.net
+ Brushed!
+ Relished.net
+ Dafont