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Samples Archive

These are the designs currently offered at my community.

s i n g l e   c o l u m n
(Slayers) Lina Inverse Dragon Slayer Layout (Inuyasha) Sakurakan InuxKag Serendipity Layout (Daft Punk) Interstella 5555 Layout (Batman) Dark Knight Layout (Misc) Glitter Heart Balloon Layout
(Slayers) Lina Inverse Devil's Kiss Layout (Saturnalia) New Fangled Wasteland Layout (Misc) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Abstract Layout (Angel) S2 Boxer Imitation Layout (Inuyasha) Fuesdal Revolution Layout
(Inuyasha)Share a secret layout

d o u b l e   c o l u m n  ( s i d e b a r )
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Fatal Attraction Layout (Final Fantasy X) Tidus Dreams Layout Misc) Spring Layout (artwork by devynci] (i love egg) Happy Strawberry Egg Layout

d e f a u l t   s t y l e
(Inuyasha) Default Kagome Layout (Inuyasha) Default Hakudoushi Layout (Inuyasha) Default Kanna Layout (Inuyasha) Default Rin Layout

c o m i n g   s o o n
(inuyasha) I will be there layout (Inuyasha) Memory of a Dream layout (Inuyasha) I was all alone layout (saturnalia) Sysreq & Ellipsis layout (saturnalia) sysreq layout

For a complete archive of my works, including livejournal designs for my friends and for myself, as well as designs that were not made for livejournal but for websites, please visit my website, BluStyle (They're all under "samples")

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