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Since LJ now turns all journal links into the journal tag, I have to do the links this way

+ layout_theft; All thieves will be reported here. BAM.
+ iconeus; for all your iconning needs!
+ ps7_tutorials; help with photoshop, animations, and graphicy stuff in general
+ overridehelp; help making your own layouts!
+ Livejournal Directory: links to all sorts of cool things.
+ anime_styles; anime layouts
+ tanllwyth; anime layouts by rashiea
+ freelayouts; all kinds of layouts
+ 0_layouts_4_pie; um.... more layouts yay!!!
+ hellolayouts; layouts by helloandie
+ spiralbound_lj; layouts by _sommeil
+ premade_ljs; layouts by tasha
+ layoutish; layouts made by my awesome friend moonlitparadox
+ absonant - awesome s2 layouts and tutorials by the talented aery.
+ justaddlayouts - cute s2 layouts by justaddcolor
+ minty_peach has some truly fantabulous s2 layouts.

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