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Broken Layouts?

If you find that one of my layouts does not work for you, please read this.

The most common issues are:
#1. No website listed. You MUST have one.
#2. Not using the specified style (ie; generator)
#3. Removed key coding.
#4. Didn't change links (replace 'YOURUSERNAMEHERE' with your id)

If your header image is not loading, it is because you MUST HAVE A WEBSITE LISTED IN YOUR USERINFO. The overrides base themselves upon that variable, so if you do not have it, they WILL NOT work! Please, pay closer attention. Every layout I post has it clearly written whether or not you need a website, custom colours, a default icon, ect. If you do not know how to list a website in your userinfo, this should help:

You do not need a real website to list on in your userinfo. You could type "fgdghdhgfh" and "fdsdhfgjhfgh", link to a yahoo profile, an ff.net, profile, lj.com, your LJ page, ANYTHING. It doesn't matter as long as THOSE TO FIELDS HAVE SOMETHING IN THEM. Got it? Good!

Make sure you have the website listed, the appropiate style set, you have not altered my coding more than need be, and that you changed everything that sais "YOURUSERNAMEHERE" to your livejournal id. There should be no reason why it won't work ;)

However, if it STILL doesn't work, this might be why. If this is the case, please report it to me.

If you're noticing that some of my layouts have oddly set up comment links, I can help you with that.

If you're seeing something like this:


Please stick this peice of code into your overrides:

LASTN_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

DAY_TALK_READLINK=><a href="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%%</a>

This flaw is caused by LJ's updated code sweeper. Before, if you didn't define a READLINK, Livejournal would just use whatever you had defined in your TALKLINKS for reference. Now it reverts back to default settings, so if you're having this problem, check and make sure the page you're viewing has a READLINK defined.

A couple of further notes:

1) My layouts do NOT work with plus accounts. If you want to use one of my layouts, you will need to switch back to basic or buy a paid account, because the ads misalign my layouts and things start looking pretty crazy.

2) A lot of my older layouts (In fact, almost all of them!) do NOT work with that silly nav bar on. I can make a layout work with one, but this sort of has it's own catch 22. If I code a layout to work with the nav bar, it means that you'll have to change your journal settings to display "always show my nav bar to other users." - It's either one or the other! So I'm just going to continue coding without compensating for it.
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